Dr. Kamaluddin Ahmed

Dr. Kamaluddin Ahmed is a subtle and distinctive voice in Modern Assamese Poetry. He is also an eminent researcher and critic in Modern Assamese Literature. He is credited with 13 books. His books on criticism includes Adhunik Asomiya Kobita , Sahityar AbhibyaktiRamanyasbad aru Lakshminath BezbaroarKobita. His contribution towards Asomiya Sahityar Buranji, Vol. VI (enlarged edition 2012) edited by Homen Borgohain is regarded painstaking and marvelous work.  He has edited two books namely Asamiya Kobitar Tinita Stor (Jointly edited with Prof. Malinee Goswami, 2009) and Adhunik Asamiya Sahityar Oitihya aru Lakshminath Bezbaroa (Jointly edited with Prof Taranee Deka, 2013).

He has published a good number of Research Articles/ Papers in various National journals including journals in regional language i.e. Assames.

He has been conferred with Benuchiring Memorial award for criticism by All Assam Poets’ Association in 2015 for his book Adhunik Asomiya Kobita.

He has represented Assamese Poetry at the national and international level for many decades now including South Asia Literature Festival 2018, All India Radio Poetry Conference, Indian Poetry Festival organized by the Sahitya Akademi , New Delhi. His poems have been translated into all recognized Indian languages, besides English and French. His poetry collections include Duchakut Gachar BharBarisa 1996,  Barasun:Romantic aru Anti-romantic  and Sukreswarat Phool Kinote 2014 etc. His latest poetry collection is a significant contribution to Twenty-first Century Modern Assamese Poetry.