Nyein Chan

Nyein Chan, born in 1952 in Mandalay began his writing career in 1985 under  the pen name Nyi Pu Lay with the short story Yatsar Tatoe (On Touch of Cough Powder) in Sabai Phyu’ Magazine. Since then Nyein Chan has written Novels, Short Stories and Travelogues. Nyein Chan won the literary prize of Moegoke Thaharya Book Club for his selection of short stories under the title Nyeinthet Taminute (One Minute of Stillness) in 2006. He won the prize of Tun Foundation of General forms of literature for his Travelogues under the title Sein Lann De Taung Gone, Myintmar De Taung Tan (Green Hills and High Mountain Range) in 2009. Nyein Chan won the prize of Tawphayalay (Aesthetic Literature) for his selection of short stories under the title Tattiya Myodawthar Ye Alwan (Nostalgia of the Citizen of Third Capital) in 2011. He also won the National Literary First Prize for the novel  Hetmyet te Dahthwa Paw Ka Pyaryiset (The Sweet Honey Drop on the Sharp Scalpel Blade.)

Now Nyein Chan is working as the Manager of Ludu Kyipwaryay Publishing House and Printing House.