Rajiva Wijesinha

Rajiva Wijesinha, MA, DPhil (Sinhalaරජීව විජේසිංහ) is a Sri Lankan writer in English, distinguished for his political analysis as well as creative and critical work. An academic by profession for much of his working career, he was most recently Senior Professor of Languages at the University of Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka.

He is the former Secretary-General of the Sri Lankan Government Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process and Secretary to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights.

He is currently Chair of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats and was re-elected leader of the Liberal Party Sri Lanka on the proposal of the previous leader following the Liberal Party Annual Congress of 2011. He has travelled widely, including as a Visiting Professor on the Semester at Sea Programme of the University of Pittsburgh, and has published Beyond the First Circle: Travels in the Second and Third Worlds.