Nguyen Thuy Hang

Graduate of the University of Fine Art in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Thuy Hang is a writer, poet and visual  artist.  Her  first  trilogy,  Current  Times,  Good  Sensations,  and  Reasonable  Insanity, written during a two year adventure in USA, was published by Knowledge Publisher and Young Publisher, Hanoi, 2006.

On Return to Vietnam in 2005, Hang moved to Hanoi and completed two more books and one solo exhibition  The  Gang,  sculpture  installation  at  VietArt  Centre,  We  Haven’t  Been  Able  to  Sleep published by Knowledge Publisher and Literature Publisher, Hanoi, 2008, and They – The Powder of  The  Illusory,  published  by  Nha  Nam,  Hanoi,  2013.  Her  recent  solo  exhibition  is  sculpture installation in large-scale The Warrior, was supported by CDEF Denmark Embassy and Post Vidai Collection, Saigon, 2015. In 2017,  a solo exhibition  of her Histoire d’un Voyage: Sand in my ears, adrift  of  the  world  was  presented  by  The  Factory  Contemporary  Arts  Centre,  Saigon,  to  show exploring the process of writing and producing books, as a critical part of her artistic practice. In the same year, she also released the Three Authors, Vietnamese Contemporary Literture, published by Vagabond Press, Asia Pacifc, Australia. Her literary publications also appear in Singapore Art Book Fair 2016 and are in the collection of the Hongkong Library Museum-Taiwun Contemporary Art Museum.

Nguyen Thuy Hang’s works often combine various art and forms: large scale sculpture installation and contemporary dance, cinema and fine arts, music. She is currently working in Saigon. Website: