Meeran Chadha Borwankar

Mrs Borwankar is an author, public speaker and trainer for legal and administrative specialists. Borwankar is the second woman Indian Police Service(IPS) officer of Maharashtra. She was posted accross many cities, districts and zones. She also served as the First Woman District Chief in Maharashtra (Aurangabad and Satara districts).

M.C.Borwankar completed her Doctorate on Organisational Management and Bachelor of Law (LLB) from University of Pune. She is a post graduate in English Literature from GND University, Punjab. She recieved Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship in 2001-2 with University of Minnesota USA. She also studied Policy Analysis in Law Enforcement at the Univerity of Minnesota, USA.

Mrs Borwankar has about forty publications in the form of articles in national and international journals, research reports on Investigation, Gender, Law enforcement, E governance and Community participation. She released her first book  Leaves of Life in Sep. 2017 and her second book is being published during 2019.

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