Chin Meas

Poet Chin Meas is a poet who had been studying for 15 years as a Buddhist monk.In 2005, he launched the first literary association in rural area that was known as Khmer Rural Writer Association where he taught them the creating writing class such as poetry, short fiction and novel.

He recieved awards from Modern Poetry Contest initialed by the Nou Hach Literature Association for three consequetive years from 2007 to 2009. Some of his awarded poems are The Supporting Actor, The Flowers Outside Vase etc. which were published in Nou Hach Journal series.

In 2012, Inherited House, his first award poem, translated by Teri Shaffer Yamada, was featured in the part of The Fall of Culture (Cambodia, off 177) Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics by Roland Green (Editor in Chief, Stanford), along with the work of poet Yin Louth. Chin Meas had published a lot of series of Dhmama practicing book as well as poems. His wellknown poetry book, Rain Drop, was published in 2011  that allows people around Cambodia access to his wisdom through poetry. in 2016, all his awarded poems were continued to be published in a collection of Cambodian poetry known as In the Shadow which was compiled by Yeng Chheangly supported by Nou Hach literary association. It was the first bilingual poetry book contain Khmer and English.Chin Meas published collection series [Click here]