Chin Meas

Poet Chin Meas was born in Taing Thleng village, Me Pring commune, Batheay district, Kampong Cham province. Currently, he lives and works in Siem Reap. He had been studying for 15 years as a Buddhist monk and has devoted a great deal of time to teach the other monks relate the practicing Dhamma and the Buddhist Path. in the meantime, he also taught normal students both of Dhamma and literary since 2004 until his last day as Buddhist monk.
In the year of 2004, it was his first time entering to Khmer Writers Association class in Phnom Penh where he met two of his master, Yu Bo and Ven Son. Chin Meas met his teacher during his studies at the Bhudhist school in the capital city. they taught him traditional form of Khmer poetry, fiction and novel and he then bring those lessons to his village’s students.
In 2007, he received the second prize award from contemporary poetry contest initialed by the Nou Hach Literary Association, and the poems were called ” Intertied house, raining in the wrong place and Rahu Chab Chan (Lunar Eclipse), next following year, 2008, he was awarded as the third prize winner from that above association’s contest with his poems, the Lettuce, The fighting rooster and the Flowers. the image of those awarded poems reflected to the imbalance of society and also its political practice.

In 2005, he launches the first literary association in rural area that was known as Khmer rural writer association located in Peam Mongkul pagoda, Rokaong commune, Kandal province. He was the Vice President and as well as a lecture teaching for this association. he taught them the creating writing class such as poetry, short fiction and novel.

In 2009 he, once again, received the 1st prize award from modern poetry Contest initialed by the Nou Hach Literature Association. some of his awarded pome called The supporting actor, The flowers outside vase, The toothpick the walking cane and the pocket were published in Nou Hach Journal series. in the early of 2010, Chin Meas decided to return from being Bhudist monk he had hold for over 15 years to normal people and continue his bachelor degree in the field of Khmer literature at Khemarak University. he then got marriage and got two sons.
In 2012, Inherited house, his first award poem, translated by Teri Shaffer Yamada, was featured in the part of The Fall of Culture (Cambodia, off 177) Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics by Roland Green (Editor in Chief, Stanford), along with the work of poet Yin Louth. It was the fourth edition that Published as course book for students at Princeton University, Oxford University Press.

Chin Meas had published a lof of series of Dhmama practicing book as well as poems. His wellknown poetry book, Rain drop, was published in 2011 by Nokor Wat publishing house that allow people around Cambodia access to his wisdom through poetry. in 2016, all his awarded poems were continued to be published in a collection of Cambodian poetry known as in the shadow which was compiled by Yeng Chheangly supported by Nou Hach literary association. It was the
first bilingual poetry book contain Khmer and English which allow all kind of reader to experience the work of five poets.
Last year, Chin Meas was invited to share his experience on the session of Modern poetry for the first Khmer Literature festival that taken place in Siem Reap.

Chin Meas published collection series [Click here]